Focus on Your Product, Not Payments

You don’t need a merchant account or gateway. FirstGiving handles everything, including processing, storing cards, and direct payouts to the benefiting nonprofit.

Raise Money for Any Nonprofit

Our Nonprofit graph is a full listing of every organization in the US in a searchable REST API. We can process donations for any of them.

Simple Pricing for Nonprofits & Free to You

FirstGiving sends all donations directly and securely to your nonprofit organization, which pays a small fee for our service. If you choose to, we allow you to monetize and earn revenue off of transaction fees.


We take security seriously and employ state of the art encryption and make sure we are PCI compliant. If you want more technical details, drop us an email.

We Want to Help You

Amazing customer support and help from our team to get your implementation up and running. We'll provide live phone and email support to your donors and nonprofits.

Years of Industry Experience

Our team is full of developers and entrepreneurs with years of experience in the nonprofit space. We’ve been there and seen the problems in this industry firsthand.